Specialist Scaffolding

For bespoke scaffolds like suspended, truss-out and free-standing structures, Milton Keynes Scaffolding Specialists has the expertise to deliver precisely what you need. Using tube & fitting and the Layher System of scaffolding, we utilise the best of both systems, to get your scaffold spot-on. Plus, you won’t have to worry about the finishing touches, as we supply hoarding and signage – which is part of our 360-degree service.

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Our in-house design team will draft a design for your approval before it’s erected, and only senior scaffolders (with CISRS Advanced Scaffolder qualification cards) will manage and sign-off its construction.

Specialist Scaffolding

Experienced in:

  • cantilevered scaffolds
  • truss-out Scaffolds
  • façade retention
  • buttressed free-standing scaffolds
  • temporary roofs and temporary buildings
  • public access Layher staircases
  • support scaffolds
  • pedestrian footbridges & walkways
  • slung and suspended scaffolds
  • protection fans
  • pavement gantries
  • marine scaffolds
  • hoardings, banners & signage